Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence


  • August Meeting Minutes
  • Bills

Supervisor’s Report

Resolutions & Motions

  • Resolution #61 to approve speed reduction on County Route 9 to 40 MPH
  • Resolution #62 to recognize Town Clerk’s 30 years of service

Report from County Board of Supervisors

  • Update on COVID  infection rate, vaccination progress and guidelines
  • County budget process underway / ARPA funding process pretty opaque

Old Business

  • Review Town Hall Covid guidelines, specifically  virtual or hybrid meeting considerations

Board discussion

  • Broadband grant awarded in House appropriations bill, awaiting Senate approval, next steps include universal RFP, consultation with county & service providers concerning “un” or “under” served roads
  •  “Owl” purchased , installation and testing underway, upstairs wifi and cellular extenders here and being installed
  • Digital newsletter
  • CNHN / Ginny
  • Planning / ZBA report / Ginny
  • Climate Smart Task Force / Terese
  • Personnel Policy status / gathering & writing job descriptions / consult with Columbia County  HR department / tabled / back to  it next month
  • Town Budget letters to department heads,  anticipated issues include new salaries, Town Hall & Stoddard Park repairs
  • Other

Assessor’s Report 

Highway Report   with information / plan for balance of unused CHIPS funding @$65K ,  additional  request for Flint’s Crossing  Rd

Public Discussion

Next meeting:  Monday, October 11